The power of the internet has changed the internet to such an extent that you now need an online presence to be successful. But to be truly successful in this digital age, you will also need to have the best internet marketing tools in the world. Unfortunately, most business websites are built by people who have no real idea on how to do it properly. Believe it or not, the first step toward the development of a business website is not the process of actually building it. Rather, the first step involves a laser-like focus on the aspects of internet marketing that apply to the business In question , the design of the site then follows in accordance with those identified aspects.

With that in mind, there are two specific tools that can rightfully be called the best internet marketing tools in the world. The most important internet marketing tool you will need to know how to use is Wordtracker. It is a tool that is considered by many to be the elusive golden goose of internet marketing, as it allows you to examine any keyword and discover all of the searched keyword phrases that contain that keyword. This allows you to use that list of keywords to discover how many times each one is searched by the big search engines of Google, Yahoo, and MSN. In addition, you can also see just how hard it might be to use those keyword phrases to obtain a top search engine ranking. The great thing about Wordtracker is that it enables you to avoid wasting time and money on an idea by first seeing whether or not there is an available market for it.

The tool can also help you to develop new site ideas. Typing in a word like Travel will let you see to what extent a niche exists, how much traffic it might entail, and what kind of competition you could expect for rankings. Once you find your niche, you can form your business around it and earn a ton of money. You can pay for access to Wordtracker for $8 for one session , but a wiser notion would be to just buy the one-year subscription and have it available whenever you need it. When used properly, Wordtracker can keep you on the right path toward online success, keep you from making bad decisions on bad ideas, and help you to get into the heads of your potential customers. Once you address these issues, you will have found the key to making money online. Wordtracker can be found here: WordTracker In addition to the wonderful Wordtracker, there is yet another tool that you should not be without, as it is the second of the best internet marketing tools in the world.

That is the article directories. There are, in fact, hundreds of such directories, so we should take a moment to look at the concept itself. As we all know, free traffic to your website is the real key to earning money on the internet. Free traffic is obtained either by getting publicity for your site or through SEO. In both cases, this has previously been done by trading links with other websites. Basically, what you agree to do is to place another website’s link on your site in exchange for them placing your link on theirs.

Of course, it takes quite some time to generate enough links to earn the notice of the search engines and those top rankings everybody desires. Article directories remedy this time lag, making them one of the best internet tools available. Article directories are exactly what their name suggests. You author an article and then publish it on the directory website. There are webmasters and others who search directories every day to find new content for their websites , when they publish your article on their site you obtain free publicity for your website.

What’s more, by placing links in the author description within your article, you will have your link posted on their site. In this way, you can quickly generate hundreds and thousands of links to your website with just a few articles  obviously a much better strategy than trading links. Of course, everyone who is involved n internet marketing has their own ideas about which tools are the best internet marketing tools in the world. Nevertheless, the real value of article directories and Wordtracker is not merely an opinion  it is value that expresses itself quite clearly each and every time we examine our own business accounts.

The Best Internet Marketing Tools in the World

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