What is affiliate marketing – Internet Marketing Tutorials

You’ve heard the term Affiliate Marketing, but you’re not sure just what it is. You know it’s an Internet practice, but the rest of the details are a bit hazy. Is it a new or a proven marketing method? Is it reputable or is it a scam? Does it work and if it does, how do you get involved? Have you ever referred someone to a business or service provider and then received a thank you from the business? That thank you was probably a discount on future purchases or a monetary amount. If it was a monetary amount, it was called a payback, bird-dog or finder’s fee. Affiliate marketing works on the same principle; it just takes the face-to-face interaction and electronically magnifies it via the Internet. An Affiliate is someone who works to bring customers together with businesses.

They work from home by using their website to direct customers to the product/service provider’s website. They can use ads, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing or blogs to reach the customers. When the customer leaves the affiliate site and goes to the business site, the Affiliate is paid what is essentially a finder’s fee. It’s important to note that Affiliates don’t typically solicit customersĀ  they’re directing people who were already looking for a brand or seller. This distinction is what differentiates reputable Affiliate Marketers from the scammers.

There are many, many variations on Affiliate Marketing, from advertising technique to end payment terms, but the bottom line is it’s the process of using one website to drive traffic to another. In one sense it’s a completely new marketing tool that exists because Internet commerce is a very lucrative business. But no matter how fancy the techniques, it’s still good old referral marketing. If you’re interested in being an Affiliate, your best bet is to join an established affiliate group and use their tools to optimize your performance. There’s no sense in recreating the wheel, especially when you can’t hope to do it on a competitive scale.

When you’re searching for affiliate marketing companies, groups or networks, do your homework. Take notes on what each company offers and verify their performance. Their sole function is affiliate marketing and these guys really get it. They’ve been successfully doing business on the Internet for the last 6 years and 3 years ago they expanded their company to coach new affiliates. They’ve developed the tools, processes and support you need to get started. They also have a driving philosophy to not only be the best, but to do their best for their members! .